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Chance Mcdermott



It all started halfway in-between Detroit and Chicago in Kalamazoo, growing up listening to radio mix tapes from WJLB & WBMX from DJ's like the Wizard and Farley. After attending my first party at Jack's Place owned by Tony "Funk Master" Jackson. I saw The Wizard & The Funkmaster. It inspired me so much that I wanted to DJ/Produce electronic music. In High School I met Fanon Flowers (Mechanisms Industries), Rich Lee (Produced the first 12" for Direct Beat) Damon Peterson(aka Baby Pop) and Donnell Knox (Sonic Mind) who all went on to produce techno/house records all over the world. A few years later I met Jay Denham, another Kalamazoo native. After taking time to create my own unique sound, I started producing tracks. I developed a unique style of minimal, funky hard techno with a dark soul sound of house, which caught the attention of labels in Europe and USA. Releasing projects on labels such as Black Nation, Missile, Sativae, Veto and Mechanisms Industries

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chance mcdermott codex sinaiticus ( fanon flowers rmx )

chance mcdermott

codex sinaiticus ( fanon flowers rmx )

VÖ-Datum: 03.09.2012
Label: etichetta nera
  • 12" Italy
    12" Italy
  • House
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