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ed davenport



ed davenport

Growing up with 90s house and UK dance culture, and heavily inspired by its infectious sound and attitude, Ed Davenport set off on an honest and dedicated journey into music.

Experimenting with recording in his teens slowly led to a deeper knowledge of production, and after a time his first ever record was released on Gumption Recordings in 2006, at the age of 20.

During his time living and studying in London further releases followed on Liebe*Detail, the Hamburg based eclectic house label, including the acclaimed cut 'Eyespeak', and Ed presented a darker sound on UK label Leftroom with two 12'' EPs under his Szenario Alias.

Performing regularly in the busy underground club scene of the UK capitol, with international bookings becoming more and more common, Ed really found his feet there as a DJ. Known for blending a heady mixture of raw house, Techno and dubbed out vibes, he appeared at London buzz-clubs like Lo Kee and Retox before his re-location to Berlin in the summer of '08. There the next wave of productions began to flow, with the first release of 2009 being the deep techno excursion of the 'Studio 395 EP' on UK platform Autoreply.

Since Then a busy studio schedule bore a string of releases on Berlin based labels Vidab and District of Corruption, remixes on Cocoon, bedrock, and Konsequenz and Ed's debut release on the long-established Poker Flat label. Ed's performances in his new home town have taken him from extended sessions at Watergate to special summer sets at bar 25, to playing Live at Panoramabar, amongst many others..!