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Bodymovin represents the project of DJ Thomilla and DJ Friction.

Stuttgart born DJ Thomilla (now living in Berlin) became famous as a HipHop DJ and producer. With ‚Get Up‘ and ‚Reimemonster‘ (released on his very successfull debut album Genuine Draft) he landed two instant-hits of the genre. Further more, Thomilla was rewarded twice Platinum for his productions for the Fantastischen Vier (amongst others the hit singles ‚Troy‘ and ‚Einfach sein‘ were his products of his studio wizardry) In the 90’s DJ Friction founded Freundeskreis together with Max Herre and Philippe Kayser.

After the millenium both experienced a musical metamorphosis. At first they looked back to the early DJ days, a new wild-thing made of Funk, Soul, Disco, HipHop, House, Electro or Miami Bass into the modern times. The end of this spectrum was a common ground, in which the two musicians found new inspiration. This happened for Thomilla together with Michi Beck as Turntablerocker and for Friction as a solo act. DJ Friction then became a DJ and band support for live and DJ tours of Turntablerocker. The Bodymovin duo fi nally became formal in the year 2004, after the riotous joint club tour for their respective solo albums (Thomilla ‚Freeze‘; DJ Friction ‚Soulsonic‘).

In the duo‘s own words, they play ‚musical chess‘. Productions, like DJ-Gigs develop step by step. Both of them always find the right answer. With 20 years of DJ experience the crowd dancing to Bodymovin in the club is taken to a plethora or different levels, growing in intensity as their set rides on into the night. Peaks and climaxes are all important, as is the tension that comes between them... each musical chapter is like a valve through which the heightened energy and pressure escapes, and lets the crowd go wild.

As a DJ duo Bodymovin do not consciously serve one genre, and this is also their moto in the studio. In the beginning single Bodymovin tracks sound like their sets in fast motion, but they also work with hooks and vocals, and strong musical sequences, and in the end, they get lost in space!

Their self titled debut album, ‚Bodymovin‘ goes live in Autumn 2009 on Moonboutique Records! Richly decorated with lovingly played analogue synth vibes, funked-out basslines, irresistible vocal hooks and an unending supply of tight, club-friendly beats, there are 12 tracks featured here, each with their own voice, mode and vision - they are all irresistible, essential cuts!

You could also say, that Friction and Thomilla feel very happy, working somewhere between music for the head and music for the legs... Because that‘s where the body is, and the heart and the soul. Just Bodymovin!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.