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Black Vel



In the beginning there just was this idea. Musically born in the early nineties, “Black Vel” have made his way from listening to recording to mixing this electronic music.

Black Vel’s first gig in 2000 took him directly to the main floor at the local club named Kesselhaus. There he meets Dj Dusk he organized parties there and over the years both got to know and respect each other. One outcome of this growing friendship was the idea of forming a DJ duo which they finally did in 2002. For years now they have been playing the national and international scene, promoting their idea of electronic music. Today’s sets of “dusk & black vel” are influenced by minimal and progressive sounds but never lose track of the joyous moment of loosing your mind on the dance floor.

In 2009 Black Vel he meets Fabian Schumann a local Producer (with tracks for euphonic records) and Live-Act – Performer. The Dresden (germany) based imprint “Mangue Records” was founded by Fabian Schumann and Black Vel. The first single “le fruit tropical e.p.” with the main track “lever du soleil” was supported by a lot of the major dj´s in the scene. 2 More singles from the label-owner were followed in 2009.

The first single in 2010 the “vicious ep.” has got a huge access and the tracks has been played a lot in the clubs around germany. The follow-up e.p. with the main-track "salida" was for most of the musicans the special song for the summer-season in 2010. Definitely their productions will have an influence to the music-scene with a continuous high-quality music-work in the Years to come. Musically they are constantly growing. But still there is the aforementioned motto: electronic music style. They are different because they know better. You will feel this. On the dance floor.