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“As well as being a founding member of Ectomorph, Brendan M Gillen is perhaps one of the most verbose historians of the enduring heritage of Detroit techno" –Juno Plus

Brendan M. Gillen founded Interdimensional Transmissions in late 1994 when he heard far too many ancient voices in his head. Positive that dimensions were colliding and that he could literally feel the deepest will of some mystic past, he decided not to ignore these voices but to contemplate their input, and thus Interdimensional Transmissions came to fruition and the idea-based project Ectomorph found a true home. Since then the vision has continually grown organically and mutated into something that is hard to describe yet easy to feel. His sets effortlessly combine a multitude of seemingly disparate genres into a coalescing solid sound system sensation - pure transcendent psychedelic wizardry. Genre? There is no genre, that's the point.