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This is Noel Pena. Noel, or Azulureus, is a house producer that finds fondness in progressive house. He is eligible of making many types of genres in music, but his main concentration would be progressive house. Azulureus plans to becoming known world-wide and plans on going to college for recording arts after high school. Yes, he is 16 years old. A very bright, young, artist who tries not to show off or being boastful. He tries to make the listener enjoy and flourish through progressive house in overall. Azulureus was brought to the house genre by his brother MrCarloSounds. He tries to entertain the listener and hopes that they will enjoy his tracks. Many people have influenced Azulureus. People who influence him in his music would include famous artists such as Adam K, Soha, Dinka, Mango, Jaytech, Deadmau5, Kaskade, Glenn Morrison, Calvin Harris, WolfGang Gartner, and many more. He produces progressive, some electro, minimal, and other genres out of house such as ambience.