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Avalona was born as Hendrik Wessels in October 1985. Music has always been very important for him. His music career started in the early 90's, when he was a child, by playing guitar and keyboard. Later, Hendrik decided to make first steps in own music productions with the producer software "Reason". In 2006 he took part on a Remix-Contest for the well known Dutch DJ and Producer Sander van Doorn, and his Remix was played in the show "Hire & Fire" by German based Radio Station "Sunshine-Live". It was a big success for Avalona, and from this day he set the complete focus on music production. Now Hendrik produces with producer software like "Cubase", "Fruity Loops" and "Reason". In the beginning of 2010 he signed two big Trance labels, "Redux Recordings" and "Trance All-Stars Records" with his songs HOPE, MOONLIGHT PARTY and A NEW LIFE, released on the labels soon. Furthermore he produced a Remix for "Richard Sander - Heaven", which will be released on Nu Communicate Recordings in Great-Britain in the future. Remixers for his own songs are big names like "Solace & Solitude" (Vandit Digital) ,"Blue Tente", "Myk Bee", "Aeden" and "Richard Sander". The story will be continued in 2010 and be sure - there is more to come!