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Already in 1986, gained first Arctic experience
Began as an artist he quite early, he mingled in the 80s at the charts, then the mid 80's there came into rap, break dance and electronic music and soon arrived on the decision at the end of the 80 opt for electronic music in 1991 came in the Tekknokraten Wedel, Hamburg, and we held the SECRET (ex-Pomeroy, Wedel) to 1993 then moved on to Tekknokraten and opened the box in the club The Spaldingstraße 1b. the North Core GmbH
has until 1995, then began to Arctic with Lord Nortd (Marco Hartmann) Electronic Music to Produce and mid-1995 Arctic went to Athens and with two other friends from Greece (Yanni Megas and Sarandos) he started the biggest project which took place in Greece he organized the media with the greatest trance DJs: Paul van Dyk, Carl Cox, Miss Djaxx, Luck Slater, Jan Swoon, Lord North, UNION JACK, Allien Project, Timo Mass and more

Then he moved back to Germany and produced again with (Marco Hartmann, Lord Nortd), the two most successful hardcore tracks (Bitch, Fucking Face) now on the fourteen different samplers to date there is still to acquire.
Arctic now has his own label, which runs under the name Dancemedia Records, which he gives other artists the opportunity to present their music, which has now become diverse generations of artists since it is increasing and the music will be offered internationally.