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Niclas Assarsson, 24 years old is the producer behind Amboza since 2006. He has always been interested in music, and has worked with Harddance, Handz up Since 2005. He has also other project beside like, Zone Breaker and Clubbandits. His music career started as a DJ for a local school party. And now he is working with his own tracks instead of playing others.

Melinda Palmqvist Is 20 years old and she is singing in Amboza. She has been singing since she was a little girl and now she writes a lot of songs. She can also dancing many sorts off diffrent styles like Breakdance, Street and Jazzfunk. She started to work with Niclas last year and became a member of Amboza.

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Workout Music 100 Handsup Workout Music

Workout Music

100 Handsup Workout Music

VÖ-Datum: 29.08.2014
Label: Workout Music Service

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