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Alex Gori



Alexander Gori (ALEX GORI) it is born in May of 1986, innovative and revolutionary period for the music impassioned small house, already for the music it started to use some old dishes from hi-fi that had in the house and with to pass some years, start to put aside a little of money to buy the first cdjs and first mixer discovering so the passion that had for the music e sharpening during the time the techniques in the mixare. Alessandro discovers the passion that has for the music techno-minimal, starting so to play to some private party and also in some Club of the zone.
Making to be known with the name of Alex G.
With the time it discovers another passion, and it is that for the production
The musical kind preferred by Alex are the techno minimal. It is hoped only now that with the time he will succeed in becoming indeed an important character.

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alex gori & khaan che musica (sis remix)

alex gori & khaan

che musica (sis remix)

VÖ-Datum: 29.08.2014
Label: yellow tail
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