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1ddual started making music when he was 12 years old.
At that time, Fabian aka 1ddual played until his 17th birthday in various
punk / metal / emocore bands, the e-guitar, e-bass and percussion.
The first releases were with the black metal band Nema (1993).
Later he played in lesser-known deep core bands too and oriented
then more and more towards electronic music.
At 18, he started djing ambient and psytrance musik at small parties.
Besides his own events he regularly attended parties in the electronic dance
music scene. For nearly 10 years he remained in the psy / progressive-trance
scene faithfully and had more bookings as a Dj at underground events.
In 1999 he started the production of his first own tracks with synthesizer and
computer (Atari+Cubase).
In 2006, after a short break due to work (fashion photography), he began studying
photography and new media at an Art university (incl. sounddesign)
In this context, he and his girlfriend started with the audio-visual project: 2ddual.
2ddual audiovisual performance was focused on their own audio (deep-ambient)
and video material which were composed live. At the same time 2ddual were very
busy as visual-performers in clubs and (film)festivals. This work was always in direct
contact with the music and has strongly influenced the current productions.
After 3-5 years of intensive audiovisual work the duo split.
Since then Fabian (the leading part of the project)has been working alone in the field
of audio and video production, photography and graphics under the name 1ddual.
Now his productions and dj-sets move mainly in the deep experimental minimal
to psychedelic minimal area.
Currently, there is now a release on monokrak-rec. sundayRelax EP No.71
More releases are planned.