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Italo - Dance
Italodance, also known as Bigroom, Handsup , Nu Italo Disco, Nu-Italo or just Italo, is an offshoot of the Eurodance musical genre, which was especially popular in Europe.

Italo Dance originates from its early counterpart italo disco in the 1980s. Except for their name, origin, and categorisation within dance music, italo dance and italo disco don't have much to do with each other musically. Originally it was considered an invention by Italian DJ Gigi D'Agostino and was called "Mediterreanean Progressive" in the middle 1990s, but it became mainstream after the release of the single Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65, although by this time it had a more commercial appeal than Gigi's music usually had. Italo dance is mostly nightclub-oriented music mainly produced in Italy. The genre never really became mainstream enough for the whole European market but got a lot of airplay on Italian radios, especially the dance radio m2o, and in the southern parts of Europe. Characteristics of the music
Italo Dance is characterized by synthesizer-riffs, vocals modified with vocoders with catchy and simple chorus and typically a bass with a 'metallic' sound often referred to as "Tuba-Bass".
Italo Dance is often very positive and uplifting music; the lyrics mostly involve issues of love, partying, dancing or expressing feelings. Most of the lyrics are in English but Italian lyrics are also very common. Modifying the vocals with vocoders and pitch correction is also very common. Almost all Italo Dance involves percussion and rhythm like most other electronic uptempo genres. They usually have a metallic sound and sounds like the bass produced by a tuba except faster. The percussion is always produced by synthesizers, and the typical BPM is around 140 although it varies from 60-165 beats per minutes. Italo is often very melody-driven and is held together by the chorus and the main-theme (melody), some progressive derivates of italo is just driven by percussions and a male vocal though.

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