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Uplifting Trance
Uplifting Trance:

Uplifting trance often synonymous with trance or euphoric trance is a term used to describe a large subgenre of progressive trance and trance music.

The name of Uplifting trance, which emerged in the wake of progressive trance is derived from the feeling which listeners claim to get. Uplifting trance which originated in West Germany, is popular in the Uplifting trance scene, and is one of the gig genres of dance music worldwide. Historically it is related to the emergence of psy-trance and the two styles influenced each other.

Uplifting trance History

The term has been used to describe what most other people call "epic trance" in the UK's trance scene, to describe some non UK-based commercial trance acts, like blank & Jones or Darude, which has created some confusion in terminology and classification. Many UK fans call those acts "uplifting house". The term is also used on the psytrance/Goa trance scene, although these styles are not really meant to sound uplifting.

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