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xssxx - xnnnse (pingipung)
xssxx - xnnnse
xssxx - xnnnse
xssxx - xnnnse
7" Vinyl
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xssxx (pingipung)

VÖ-Datum: 27.01.2012

Musikstil: Headz

Artikelnummer: 1737328 / XPXINXGXIPUNG30


"School Of Zuversicht" is a band collective around front lady DJ Patex. Extensive live shows, a living room called Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, and countless side projects by Patex and her musicians sum up to an impressive peer group. 10 famous friends have now expressed their affection to "School Of Zuversicht" with their contributions to this remix collection. We are proud to introduce sounds by Die Boys (Deichkind), Station 17, Festland (Zickzack) and Paulo Olarte (Liebe Detail), as well as our Pingipung heroes WOLS and Mister Tingle. Special: We will release two selected killer tracks (Die Boys and Festland) as limited 7inch vinyl single, including the download code for the who- le album! Once sold out the digital download will still be available.

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