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Various - BPC Vinyl Only Edits 3 (bpitch control)
Various - BPC Vinyl Only Edits 3
Various - BPC Vinyl Only Edits 3
Various - BPC Vinyl Only Edits 3
12" Germany
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BPC Vinyl Only Edits 3

Various (bpitch control)

VÖ-Datum: 12.09.2014

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1872217 / BPC298

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After last year's second part, the third contribution of the - Vinyl Only Edits' series is curating a wonderful showcase of the diverse artists on BPitch Control. Besides Joy Wellboy, Furfriend, Snuff Crew and Cesare vs. Disorder & Dave Vega put hands on their own tracks again. ~~~~After his Tension Dub Version, Kiki roughens the single - Before The Sunrise' by Joy Wellboy with a dubby bassline, oldschool-driven percussion and a housy attitude, without neglecting the poppy face of the original. For their Vinyl Techno Remix of - Mindless', Cesare vs Disorder & Dave Vega remain faithful with their menacing mood, even though the kick drum not turning out as a beast, but as a poignant device to gently set the dancefloor in motion. Especially the morbid strikes in the background give an idea of ominous evil. For the Extended Version of - Walk With It', the duo Furfriend not only stretch the analogue charm, but swing their bat with a deep bass and a more dominant kick drum - a rough and inimitable style. "Tearing Me Away" by Snuff Crew is a wonderful treasure that targeted the dancefloor with the shining vocals of Kim Ann Foxman, but represents the perfect soundtrack for the sunrise as well. Their Vinyl Rework adds a bit more speed, while the chords not only retain their warmth. The acid pirouettes integrate properly to Foxman's timbre and the jagged percussion, before a veritable 303 inferno rises in front of our eyes and ears. Four tracks, four danceable gems.

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