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Various Artists - Relight (Light of Other Days)
Various Artists - Relight
Various Artists - Relight
Various Artists - Relight
12" U.K.
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Various Artists (Light of Other Days)

VÖ-Datum: 15.09.2017

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1952199 / LOOD008


For our upcoming record on Light of Other Days, we reached out to friends & companions with the request to remix some of our past releases. Until now we were very cagey with remixes. In fact we only released one remix so far which was by HOVE himself on ETHIMM's very first release. So this time around, we thought it would be nice to widen our circle and reach out to some of our favorite producers out there and ask for a contribution.~~~~First up we have Unknown Mobile. His EP «No Motion» on ASL Recordings was one of our favorite records of 2016 and so we decided to just straight up ask him for a remix. He came up with a beautiful rework of Gray Chalk's «Dense layers of suspended water» by adding some lush arpeggios and percussion while keeping the original mood very much alive.~~~~Next we have Zurich's very own Phantom Island. Lexx and Kejeblos transformed «Romance» by HOVE from a blurry ambient track into a delightful balearic house tune with a beautifully nodding high-ceiling atmosphere.~~~~Last year HOVE started working with Michal Turtle. What begun as a live collaboration turned into a very fruitful relationship between the two and HOVE even started to record guitar parts for Michal's new music. Therefore we thought it only right to add a Michal Turtle remix to the package. Michal came up with a very nice spaced out 9 minutes version of HOVE's «Journey to Arendal» adding some more bass, bells and lots of delays.~~~~And finally, Zurich's underground wizards Jack Pattern released some of the most exciting swiss electronic music in recent years via their own imprint Lustpoderosa. They turned Ethimm's signature track 'Burning Down' into a wild and joyful ride adding acid bass-lines, outer-space sound-bleeps and wacky percussions to the originals' main theme.

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