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Various Artists - Motorwind (soiree records international)
Various Artists - Motorwind
Various Artists - Motorwind
Various Artists - Motorwind
12" U.S.A.
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Various Artists (soiree records international)

VÖ-Datum: 14.04.2017

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1948422 / SRT166

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DRIVETRAIN (Detroit, USA) - This is Detroit' ...label founder, Derrick Thompson detonates an explosive, acid-tech fireball of tweaking frequencies accentuating a commanding vocal homage.
J.GARCIA (Detroit, USA) - Ask Yo Self' ...a sub-sonic groove, brimming with peaks and valleys of elemental funk finely seasoned with a penetrating voice articulation.
ELLERY COWLES (Chicago, USA) - Dolphin' ...the long overdue return of Ellery melts his trademark glossy pad arrangements with a propulsive rhythm beatdown.
JEROME BAKER (Chicago, USA) - Put It To Work' ...the underground tech-house specialist debuts on Soiree Records with an organic banger laced with gritty stabs atop unrelenting percussion.

MOTORWIND...when The Motor City meets The Windy City

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