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Various Artists - Bye Bye (freshly repressed) (bar 25)
Various Artists - Bye Bye (freshly repressed)
Various Artists - Bye Bye (freshly repressed)
Various Artists - Bye Bye (freshly repressed)
12" Germany
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Bye Bye (freshly repressed)

Various Artists (bar 25)

Release date: 02.02.2011

Music Style: Minimal House

Article No.: 1676604 / 25-16


big repress!!!!

big With friends and cohorts like these, you can’t be sad for long. After the longest and best-ever and final closing, the saddest, best-ever and most personal record on the Bar25 label is here. As pure dumb numerical luck would have it, it is – naturally – the 25th release. And, we’re almost proud to say, it’s strictly family business. The closing record speaks more to the spirit of the Bar than any words, spoken or written, ever could. Every track unique yet well-rounded, somewhere between universal and personal. Awash with emotion, as though the sound machines had begun to breathe.
While everyone else was already in full swing and enjoying the last warm rays of sunshine, Dirty Doering was ensconced in the studio, tackling the difficult job of producing THE closing track on short notice. He succeeded. That’s because Doering is on a roll. “bye bye bar25? is the track that was sent through all the speakers at the closing, and will remain in our ears and hearts from now on.

The level of the challenge Doering faced becomes apparent when listening to what he had to measure up to: the soundtrack to the 2009 closing, Acid Pauli’s “Abschied25?. Adapted from a Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy song, with the Bar in mind, this track made us happy and sad at the same time over and over again in the last year. The release of this track now, finally, is something of an inner opening party for us all.

Caspar spent most of this summer on duty at the backstage door, checking a neon rainbow of bracelets. Then he surprised everyone as Capey Cash with his own personal love song, “There Was A Bar”. His aptly put lyrics and his rich voice in combination with the wistful sounds of trumpet and harmonica brought tears to many an eye – and nevertheless his track is full of hope.

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