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Various Artists - Bloom Series Vol. 2 (Vinyl Only) (tulipe)
Various Artists - Bloom Series Vol. 2 (Vinyl Only)
Various Artists - Bloom Series Vol. 2 (Vinyl Only)
Various Artists - Bloom Series Vol. 2 (Vinyl Only)
12" Italy
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Bloom Series Vol. 2 (Vinyl Only)

Various Artists (tulipe)

VÖ-Datum: 11.03.2015

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1902282 / TULIPE002

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Born of a love and passion for dance music, Tulipe records blossoms from roots founded in the cosmopolitan cities of Rome and Montreal to announce an exclusive vinyl release. Focused on the fundamental premise of 'positive energy' from established and newcomer artists alike, a quartet of tracks provides a cutting edge snapshot of the current house music landscape as 'Tulipe Ltd Bloom Series Vol.2' finds physical reality.~~~~Opening with a French legend, Damien Almira takes his Timid Boy production moniker on a trip through a deep, tech-fuelled groove that pounds its way along a wondrous path in 'Post Rave Dream'. Filtering out into percussive textures and rich pads, both spin across the stereo spectrum in dizzying glory to mesmeric effect. Neapolitan, DJ Simi continues proceedings on Side A with the chugging, hypnotic monster, 'Advanz T3'. Rapid-fire hats and a dominant kick keep the pace high as percussive claves beat out a melodic refrain to match a analogue riff and pulsating, pitched pad.~~~~Spanish duo Robin Orlando and Nick Hollyster open Side B with the delicious, laid-back 'Humita'. A simple and emotive bass line provides the backdrop for a smooth arpeggio to sit atop creating further layers of sonic ingenuity, while vocal phrasing from Christian Godoy contributes to create a house classic. Chilean, Larry Peters completes the picture with tech house monster that provides an eclectic mix of sampled effects and dissonant melodies on 'Orbit 4.0'. Laconic vocal phrasing provides a carefully placed rhythmic structure, wrapped around the structured beats to create a work of dance floor delight.~~~~Four tracks burst into 'Bloom' as Tulipe continues to flower in bright rich colour.

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