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V.a. - The Cat Lab Session Presents (Catural)
V.a. - The Cat Lab Session Presents
V.a. - The Cat Lab Session Presents
V.a. - The Cat Lab Session Presents
12" Germany
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The Cat Lab Session Presents

V.a. (Catural)

VÖ-Datum: 28.02.2013

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1816296 / CAT001

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Sugar Jim Jr.: DJ, founder, event manager, Movine Gu.nther (one part of Tricky Fixinf), Head of it All. This man knows what works in the club, has also built a few dance temples with his own hands. Awesome Dude! Music wise? Very simple . deephousedisco & 6 a.m. euphoria! Letienne: Full-blooded Italian musician coining his tracks with the Dolce Vita stamp. His pieces make you feel fine, like a sip of a good red wine. Result: southern exposure, very sunny, soft playful bouquet and just great in the finish! Koellelectronic: Electronic visionary, sound art nerd and master of the faders and turning knobs. What this dude gets out of his analog-synth collection is just criminal. Warm but forceful base lines that start off with massaging the tummy, to reach a physiotherapeutic extend towards the end. Ike Tuner: West Berlin Hip Hop Dance Dude and Body Claus (second half of Tricky Fixinf). This boy has already filled his block, his street with old school Hip Hop beats and rough electro sounds when he was a child. The founder of countless combos is now responsible for the crass, beautiful beats. Hip Hop meets House & Pop. But with sense and thoughtfulnessWord!

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