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v/a - textures I - II (concrete music)
v/a - textures I - II
v/a - textures I - II
v/a - textures I - II
12" Belgium
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textures I - II

v/a (concrete music)

Release date: 04.03.2013

Music Style: House

Article No.: 1816306 / CCRT002B


Paris Club kings, Concrete, unleash a series of Textures, representing their diverse and hugely popular events .... More techno slanted than the previous 12"....solid! TIP
The label say, in a cool french accent : "TEXTURES I, is a collection of tracks produced by foreign and French artists. All have played at CONCRETE and they all try here to transcribe in their respective styles, the atmosphere of these Sundays on the bank of Port De La Rapée. In this second part we emphasis Techno music which is a huge component of the party... "

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