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Two Another - Two Another Ep (Airdrop Records)
Two Another - Two Another Ep
Two Another - Two Another Ep
Two Another - Two Another Ep
12" U.K.
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Two Another Ep

Two Another (Airdrop Records)

VÖ-Datum: 15.08.2017

Musikstil: R & B

Artikelnummer: 1952134 / ADX008

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London-based act Two Another emerged at the end of last year with debut track 'Higher', an addictively slinky and nocturnal pop tune. Inspired by the decadent end of 70's soul and pages from J Dilla's production book the track features ethereal house synths, catchy vocals and an irresistible bass-line.~~~~It quickly turned heads, winning them the attention of tastemakers such as Majestic Casual, Indie Shuffle, Hilly Dilly, Discobelle and Blah Blah Blah Science, whilst also clocking over a million plays across Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify.~~~~~~Their second offering 'Keeping Me Under' went even further to cement excited intrigue with its smooth hook-laden vocals and bass line reminiscent of the Motown era. It raced up the Hype Machine chart and clocked up hundreds of thousands of plays through word of mouth, leading them to be featured in Pigeons and Planes' '20 Artists About To Blow, According To Social Media'.~~~~The story continues with the announcement of Two Another's self-titled debut EP, which combines their two tracks to date with third offfering 'Shouldnt Have Done That'. The latter~~presents a more stripped back and emotive element of their sound, with wistful falsetto vocals laid over an enticingly minimal beat.~~~~As a body of work, the debut EP introduces an outfit with a vibrant and accomplished sonic poise, rich musical references and songs that are instantly infectious. With a lot more in the pipeline for 2016, it's the perfect opportunity to start watching out for Two Another.

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