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Tony Rainwater - Rockberry Jam (Lehult)
Tony Rainwater - Rockberry Jam
Tony Rainwater - Rockberry Jam
Tony Rainwater - Rockberry Jam
12" Germany
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Rockberry Jam

Tony Rainwater (Lehult)

Release date: 06.02.2017

Music Style: Deep House

Article No.: 1945294 / LHLT009

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It's a pleasure to introduce Tony Rainwater - undoubtedly the most productive and creative savage we've come across recently. See usually we don't do this, Lehult is a crew affair, but this guy left us no choice. Being a music enthusiast, DJ and dancer for a long time, Tony has only most recently picked up producing his own music, yet at a stunning rate: When we first asked him for a demo - three months after he started producing - he swiftly dropped us a set of twenty-five tracks, another set of fifty more soon followed. His productions are straight rough edged, no-prisoners-taken Jams, combining samples from the most far-flung corners of his eclectic music collection. His magical patchwork wild style is on full display on his debut "Rockberry Jam" EP for Lehult. The A-Side takes us through the lighter side of his repertoire with the title tracks slow building house groove, some dizzy medieval monk grooves on "To All The World" and seductive R&B on "Lay It On The Line". On the flip "Operalight" irresistible groove and "Black Dream Flowers" provide some darker moments, before "Alone" closes on a soft note. The Vinyl version includes an extra goodie after the runout's. Tony is now a fixed member of the crew already and we're proud to have him and his crazy energy on the team. This won't be the last you'll hear of him.

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