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Tiga - Bugatti (Vinyl Only) (turbo)
Tiga - Bugatti (Vinyl Only)
Tiga - Bugatti (Vinyl Only)
Tiga - Bugatti (Vinyl Only)
12" Belgium
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Bugatti (Vinyl Only)

Tiga (turbo)

VÖ-Datum: 30.11.2014

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1887240 / TURBO164

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Tiga's drops BUGATTI. Another irresistible one-liner on the dance-floor that can't be missed or forgotten.~~~~So much sex and attitude, so few elements. A staccato kick-snare rhythm, a robo-funk synth line, a futuristic pad, a detuned ride, a cheeky vocal hook and a one-note acid line that brings it all together. That's it. All you need if you know what you're doing and have an experienced pair of Canadian Electro-godfather balls intact. Tiga has made a career out of being catchy: from Sunglasses to Mind Dimension, from Plush to Pleasure From the Bass, from You Gonna Want Me to Let's Go Dancing. How does he do it~~~~It's his ability to drop a clever turn of phrase that separates him from the pack, but the strength and character of his production choices keep things clear of kitsch and make him a perennially hot-tipped cool-commodity everywhere from the great American EDM stage to the hallowed-haus of Panorama's deep underground credibility. His career is like a Veyron - stable AND insane.~~~~So listen to it, get it stuck in your head. This track is crazy dope, it doesn't sound like anyone else, and it's the most hip-hop thing all you house DJs are likely to fit into your sets this weekend so go on, get loose and take it for a ride.~~~~This is what Tiga had to say about the Vinyl-Only remixes 12" :~~~~For this, my most personal record, i hand selected remixers of the highest order. Cliff Lothar, absolute legend, and current king of the enigma groove, delivers an absolute masterpiece. It's seriously a 10 on 10, and I never say that. Vinyl only bitches. Perth Drug Legend, somebody else who I kinda know and yet totally don't know (or I guess I just thought I knew) slams the 'gatti with raw tribal funk: again suitable for a warehouse or a particularly forward-thinking car dealership. Rebolledo, one of the few men i actually trust, comes in with a slightly electrofied extended party mix. God I'm happy.

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