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Theo Walbeck - Someone 2night (Freek Tool)
Theo Walbeck - Someone 2night
Theo Walbeck - Someone 2night
Theo Walbeck - Someone 2night
12" U.K.
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Someone 2night

Theo Walbeck (Freek Tool)

VÖ-Datum: 17.03.2017

Musikstil: Deep House

Artikelnummer: 1946857 / TN002

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We've all been there, spending endless hours searching, listening, skipping thru tracks and trying to find at least one good one. No more. We've made it easy for you...~~~~Tune is all about that one track, THE track that will bring the heat. No remixes, radio edits or excess dubs. It's all very simple, one track, one really awesome tune. That's all.~~The plot thickens, who is Theo Walbeck~~But maybe it's not that important, after all the music is the key figure and speaks for itself.~~~~This is Theo's follow up to 'Freek Tool' which was one of Disclosures most played tracks in 2016 and goes down a similar path. In our humble opinion this is an even stronger track and something that is just waiting to get some heavy isolator action.~~~~Someone 2night got that dark and vintage warehouse feel mixed up with some soulful cut up vocals and lush strings that is just perfect to drop at peak hour. Those rumbling drums will cause some serious damage...believe dat!

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Someone 2Night

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