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The Cure - Disintegration (Remastered) (Polydor)
The Cure - Disintegration (Remastered)
The Cure - Disintegration (Remastered)
The Cure - Disintegration (Remastered)
2 x LP U.K.
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Disintegration (Remastered)

The Cure (Polydor)

VÖ-Datum: 28.11.2014

Musikstil: Pop-Rock

Artikelnummer: 1889051 / 5324563

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Disintegration is arguably The Cure's biggest album (certainly the most successful from a commercial standpoint), and it gets the deluxe reissue treatment here. Doesn't really matter what year/era you were born in, if you were a mopey kid in high school, chances are you're gonna love it if you don 't have it already for some weird reason. ~~~~It features several of the band's most popular singles ("Pictures Of You," "Lullaby," "Lovesong" and "Fascination Street"), that you should already be familiar with if you have a copy of Galore like everyone else. There's tons of great shoegazey stuff on here too though (supposedly, Robert Smith was tripping balls while he produced a lot of these), including "Plainsong," "Closedown," "Prayers For Rain" and the "The Same Deep Water As You." ~~~~Pretty cool to re-listen to those and realize how much all the new "chill wave" bands have been ripping them off. It's 12 tracks in all, pressed on 180g vinyl and packaged in a nice looking gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves. Recommended.

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