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Tempelhof - You K EP (hell yeah)
Tempelhof - You K EP
Tempelhof - You K EP
Tempelhof - You K EP
12" Italy
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You K EP

Tempelhof (hell yeah)

VÖ-Datum: 05.10.2012

Musikstil: Electro House

Artikelnummer: 1791611 / HYR71076

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Early support by Balearic Gabba~~Soundystem, Margot, Maxime Dangles,~~Matt Walsh, Makossa, Santos, Chida~~(Ene Music), Jerry Bouthier, Wehbba,~~Dirty Channels…~~Tempelhof are Italian's Luciano Ermondi and Paolo~~Mazzacani, a very musical duo who have already released~~a much-respected full length on Distraction Records and~~several well received remixes. Now they debut with a four~~track EP on the ever-original Hell Yeah Recordings and~~continue to confound expectations with their pairing of~~electronica's precision with shoe-gazes textures and~~plenty of real instrumentals. ove -An Interpretation is the~~EP's mournful opener. Sparse and alone, it trills with~~haunting guitar notes as the rueful vocal swims in seas of~~echo and reverb. Around the mid-way point a cosmic beat~~kicks in and carries the whole arrangement off into space~~with twitchy electronics and acid rumbles colouring the~~background. Glorious Day opens with more thin,~~vulnerable keys and plenty of echo. The rubbery kick~~drums comes in immediately here as harmonic notes ring~~out and rise up toward the sky. It's hurt but optimistic and~~invites you to get lost in its glistening, swirling synth clouds~~for five day-dream like minutes.

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