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sun ra - disco 3000 (kindred spirits)
sun ra - disco 3000
sun ra - disco 3000
sun ra - disco 3000
LP Belgium
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disco 3000

sun ra (kindred spirits)

VÖ-Datum: 30.09.2014

Musikstil: Jazz

Artikelnummer: 1632729 / KSAY-1N

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Finally available the Standard LP of >DISCO3000< as part of the Kindred Spirits x Artyard collaboration. ~~~~January 1978 was a fruitful month for Sun Ra. As well as days spent in the recording studios in Rome, Ra, along with John Gilmore, Michael Ray and Luqman Ali, played several gigs in Italy before flying back to the US. The magic music from one night in the Teatro Cilak, on 23/01/1978 in Milan, is preserved on Disco 3000. ~~

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