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Soul Clap - EFunk - The Album (wolfandlamb music)
Soul Clap - EFunk - The Album
Soul Clap - EFunk - The Album
Soul Clap - EFunk - The Album
LP Germany
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EFunk - The Album

Soul Clap (wolfandlamb music)

VÖ-Datum: 03.05.2012

Musikstil: Disco / Cosmic

Artikelnummer: 1767585 / WLM21

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In classic Wolf + Lamb Records style, the label family revisits the warm and enthralling productions that make up ‘Not So Lonely’ EP from the formidable duo Lonely C (Charles Levine, half of Soul Clap) & Baby Prince (the lamb half of Wolf + Lamb). Tanner Ross, fresh from his highly sought after No.19 release ‘B Side / 4 U’ returns home with a remix of ‘I Remember Those Days,’ another trademark bass led dancefloor destroyer with softly sung male vocals from Charles Levine AKA Lonely C. Art Departments’ Kenny Glasgow aka ‘The Talent’ reworks ‘Just Be Yourself’ to the tune of an epic early dance shuffle with distinct Canadian key-work and strains of oldschool melodic house. An altogether original composition, miles away from the original with a result that is not so much a remix as a distant cousin of the original with Lonely C’s douchebag pitch tastefully slathered about. Next up Voices of Black take on ‘I Remember Those Days’, taking the offbeat cut in a drummy almost traditional deep house direction with a taste of future funk. The duo took a break from the nonstop production of their highly anticipated debut album coming out on Wolf + Lamb Records in spring 2011. Finishing the record, the other half of Wolf + Lamb, Zev rounds out the release with a lively breakbeat tome of ‘Your Moms House,’ delivering another bass-led breakdown of the vocoded lover’s lament appropriatly named after the Wolf’s favorite subject matter: Your Mom.

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