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Sleeparchive - Letter Of Resignation (Float Records)
Sleeparchive - Letter Of Resignation
Sleeparchive - Letter Of Resignation
Sleeparchive - Letter Of Resignation
12" NL
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Letter Of Resignation

Sleeparchive (Float Records)

VÖ-Datum: 10.07.2017

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1950363 / FLOAT020

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It s time for our 20th release on Float Records. And who's better to celebrate this with than Sleeparchive.~~There is enough brilliance to choose from, but it all starts with 15 minutes of superiority on the 5x3 loop tracks on the A-side with that typical Sleeparchive sound. All containing disturbing drums followed by upperclass sequences which keeps on going.~~~~The B-side starts with title track Letter of Resignation. Is this a clue from Sleeparchive The future will tell. What we do know is that it continues where the A-side stopped. Again heavy hitting drums followed by a frisk sequence. He continues this formula on the 2nd track called Solitary Drinker. And above all we give you a small bonus with 2 locked groove presents: Sleep Cycle 17 & 18.

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