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Sis - Sis is Sis part 2 (get physical)
Sis - Sis is Sis part 2
Sis - Sis is Sis part 2
Sis - Sis is Sis part 2
12" Germany
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Sis is Sis part 2

Sis (get physical)

Release date: 03.11.2011

Music Style: Tech-House

Article No.: 1736730 / GPM159

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A LOPAZZ - Migracion (SIS Edit) B Matthew Dear - Free To Ask (SIS Edit) After the success of the first vinyl, we are proud to present to you SIS IS SIS, Vinyl Edition #2, featuring SIS’s edits of LOPAZZ and Matthew Dear on Get Physical. Picking up where the 1st edition left off, SIS takes more of his favorite Get Physical tracks and puts his own spin on them. On the A side we start off with LOPAZZ’s 2004 Get Physical debut, “Migracion". A hit in it’s own right, SIS takes us even deeper into the groove with a stepped up bass and heated percussion track layered over reverberated chords. Next SIS pulls out a heavy Matthew Dear track, “Free To Ask” featured exclusively on Get Physical’s 7th Anniversary compilation, and lightens the mood a bit while still managing to maintain the heavy bass kick. Cleaning the synth to create a more percussive feel, and utilizing crisp claps to keep the rhythm in check.

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