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Santorini vs Buck - RVRB Shelter (alphahouse)
Santorini vs Buck - RVRB Shelter
Santorini vs Buck - RVRB Shelter
Santorini vs Buck - RVRB Shelter
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RVRB Shelter

Santorini vs Buck (alphahouse)

VÖ-Datum: 07.11.2011

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1715590 / ALPHA20


To remain a discerning platform for underground artists with integrity is easier said than done in today’s music market. Alphahouse vows never to forget its roots in the afterhours basements from whence it came. In that spirit, we would like to welcome two up-and-coming Italians to the family with release number twenty.

Good friends Alessandro Stefanio aka Buck, and Andrea Santoro aka Santorini, both from Puglia, proudly represent the new school of deep thinking producers from a country not generally known for such restraint. If you’ve been following Santorini or Buck’s output of late, you’ll know that Italy is more than just the land of shuffled techno.. There is a deeper music movement in the country, and these guys are two of the best.

Santorini’s ‘RVRB’ is an ethereal blues track at heart, driving deep into the night with equal parts Mike Ink funk and DBX bleep. Buck takes a more subtle and melodic approach with ‘Shelter’, crafting a bewitching tale all too familiar to those who ever thought they had found their angel. Finally Alphahouse mastermind Butane mashes everything together and creates a pumping remix that warns of the intoxicating glamour of nightlife, only to wake up to the reality that the music business is not what it had seemed. Three variations on a single theme from three musicians who offer music from the heart, everyone with both feet solidly in the underground.

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