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Rous - La Púrpura del Ocaso (Sanfuentes Records)
Rous - La Púrpura del Ocaso
Rous - La Púrpura del Ocaso
Rous - La Púrpura del Ocaso
12" Germany
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La Púrpura del Ocaso

Rous (Sanfuentes Records)

VÖ-Datum: 21.10.2016

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1943242 / SFR014

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Rous comes from Argentina. Currently living in Mendoza, the young and talented musician, producer and wine sommelier makes his mark as a DJ, live performer and restaurateur.~~His music has very confident brush strokes of synthesizer magic over titillating classic analogue sounding drums. This is the sound palette with which he takes us into the raw and intense landscapes of a snowy Patagonian lake island and it’s surroundings- the place where he spent a month with no communications or technology, thinking about the enormous and immersive ascendant energy from the Los Andes mountains.~~In Rous’ own words, “this recording expresses my intensity while growing up, my experience with masters, the natural destinies that the mountain put in front of us and the ecstasy we feel at the parties with our South American family and friends.”~~Once back home, he brought down the concept into an EP called “La Púrpura del Ocaso” (The Purple of Sunset) and through pounding rhythms and the constant unfolding of simple and powerful synthesizer lines, he shows us the raw power of snow, fire, water and air.~~“The Purple of Sunset is born from my experience in and with Mendoza, where I’ve lived for four years. It starts with the learning process of strategy and alchemy behind wine; the perseverance and transcendence needed to create a product that communicates with the world. Purple is the color of wine and the sunset is the moment where the artist closes his eyes from thinking, with a glass of wine in his hand after a long day of work.”

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