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Rock Town Express - Funky Makossa (LP reissue) (Comb & Razor Sound)
Rock Town Express - Funky Makossa (LP reissue)
Rock Town Express - Funky Makossa (LP reissue)
Rock Town Express - Funky Makossa (LP reissue)
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Funky Makossa (LP reissue)

Rock Town Express (Comb & Razor Sound)

VÖ-Datum: 18.08.2017

Musikstil: Afro / Afrobeat

Artikelnummer: 1951226 / CRZR1008LP

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In 1973, EMI Records Nigeria released the 45 rpm disc “Fuel for Love” b/w “Soundway,” credited to a mysterious band~~called Wrinkar Experience. The record was a finely-crafted gem of pop-rock and funky soul as had never before been heard~~coming out of the country’s nascent rock scene, and it ended up being the biggest selling Nigerian single up until that~~point. The success of Wrinkar Experience effectively demonstrated that was a market for homegrown pop and rock, and~~sent record labels scrambling to sign similar bands, kicking off the Nigerian rock revolution that is still being celebrated~~and discovered by new generations today.~~But while Wrinkar Experience launched the movement, the group itself would be short-lived: after another hit single in~~1973, the band’s frontman Danie Ian split for a solo career. The remaining principal players in the group—Cameroonian~~musicians Ginger Forcha and Edjo’o Jacques Racine—tried to keep the Wrinkar name going before giving it up and~~rebranding themselves as Rock Town Express.~~Rock Town Express’s debut LP Funky Makossa was recorded in 1974 for ARC Records, the cutting-edge studio and label~~established in Lagos by English drum legend Ginger Baker. The album showcased in long format the qualities that had only~~been hinted at on the Wrinkar Experience singles: bright, confident pop melodies, articulate lyrics, and darkly~~potent funk-rock.~~~~Comb & Razor Sound is proud to present a new, fully-authorized reissue of Funky Makossa, featuring the seven tracks from the original release, plus “I Am A Natural Man” and “I Don’t Want To Know,” from Wrinkar Experience’s seldom-heard third and final single.

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