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Ramones - Leave Home (Reissue) (8th Records)
Ramones - Leave Home (Reissue)
Ramones - Leave Home (Reissue)
Ramones - Leave Home (Reissue)
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Leave Home (Reissue)

Ramones (8th Records)

VÖ-Datum: 06.10.2017

Musikstil: Punk International

Artikelnummer: 1953227 / ETH7528LP

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The Ramones' self-titled debut was released in 1976 to~~glowing praise and acclaim from music critics, and the~~development of the punk rock scene in the US and UK.~~The band were hailed as the next big step in the~~development of rock music, and correctly predicted~~their debut would be a massive influence for musical~~acts to follow. Those that were hooked by their debut~~wouldn't have long to wait for the band's follow-up,~~which came a mere nine months after The Ramones~~was released.~~Leave Home did not receive the massive critical~~acclaim that The Ramones' debut album had, but it still~~received rave reviews from the publications of the day.~~Immediate attention was paid to the album's production~~values, which was more crisp and polished than their~~previous works, and put them yards ahead of their~~fellow punk contemporaries in terms of sound quality.~~The band themselves were significantly more~~comfortable and together in Leave Home's sound, with~~vocalist Joey Ramone tackling heavier melodies,~~guitarist Johnny Ramone's guitar attack sharpening~~over the tracks, and the normally minimalist drummer~~Tommy Ramone adapting a slight swing to his beats.~~The songs themselves were no slouch either, among~~them were eventual fan favorites like "Gimme Gimme~~Shock Treatment", "Pinhead", and "Carbona Not Glue",~~which would later be removed from subsequent album~~releases due to a trademark complaint. Though the~~album doesn't maintain the same legendary status as~~the debut or their pinnacle Rocket To Russia, it's agreed~~that Leave Home is an essential part of The Ramones'~~discography, and not an album to be passed by.

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