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Patrick Pulsinger - Nocturnal Cat (Houztekk Records)
Patrick Pulsinger - Nocturnal Cat
Patrick Pulsinger - Nocturnal Cat
Patrick Pulsinger - Nocturnal Cat
12" Germany Excl.
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Nocturnal Cat

Patrick Pulsinger (Houztekk Records)

VÖ-Datum: 18.05.2012

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1784414 / DADHZTK008

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As is generally known, the night is not limited to the time dimension but has also a spatial dimension. The darker
the night, the more artificial is the light and the more the even apparently well known places become unreal. Patrick
Pulsinger resorts to such dusk-to-dawn places by using his three excellent Tracks of his new release Nocturnal
Cat. Or to tell it better: he makes us streying.
Yet on the title-track Nocturnal Cat (including the singer G Rizo, she was already heard 2010 on the track rise
and fall on the album Impassive Skies by Pulsinger) he definitely follows different ways at the same time by
the means of its Polyrhythm, the booms of the bassdrum and
the repeat-crossing beats. At the same time this track, which
occasionally reminds of Exotica, sounds like a deeply inspired
Live-DJ-Set which is performed with umpsteen records out of
far-flung Genres, thrown in a mix over nine minutes.
The Nocturnal Cat certainly comes around a lot and visits
on her dusk-to-dawn ways the other clubs in town, supported
strongly by its freely flanking sound-parishes which sometimes
are swirling around and sometimes as well accentuate the
It seems that the track Fat Fast is like a Techno-Track which
was re-born in a futuristic Latino-neighbourhood (which is
perfectly matched by the indicated Gospel-Synths). Again the
direction is not limited to cross-country, it is plurally parallel, sometimes in crisscross sequence, without ultimateness,
but this consequently.
This structure which reminds of a Möbius-strip can also be heard at the track 6-7-8-9 cmon. Finally, this constantly,
lightly gleaming Soundtrack-like acoustic pattern comes to its full flavour. This is the way like on the audio
track starts already an evil film while there is still a black sliver screen; this is the way how in an artificial jungle
misterious things as well as fabolous things (and above all very evil things) are scared up. A track which once
again leads

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Nocturnal Cat

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Fat Fast

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6-7-8-9 C'mon

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