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Ozka - Tiny Pleasures Part II (Wolfskuil)
Ozka - Tiny Pleasures Part II
Ozka - Tiny Pleasures Part II
Ozka - Tiny Pleasures Part II
12" Belgium
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Tiny Pleasures Part II

Ozka (Wolfskuil)

VÖ-Datum: 06.09.2013

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1831381 / WOLF028

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We have been following Belgian producer Ozka for quite some time and were always captivated by the flawless integration of a wide range of influences in his music. Wether it be techno, house, electronica or bass music: he has a unique take on it and it always sounds fresh.~~~~After getting in touch through SoundCloud he send us a whole bunch of new tunes and we were presented with a typical First World Problem. There was simply to much we wanted to release for a single EP. Thatís when we came up with the idea of a two parter. Itís basically an album spread out over 2 twelve inches where Ozka showcases his versatility and craftmanship.~~~~On Part I Ozka showcased his techno side, so it makes no more then sense that on Part II we explore other musical sides of David. On the new twelve we dive into house, electro and even more leftfield orientated non-dancefloor territory. Highway At Night and Kaleidoscopes are 2 beautiful housey gems, moody, sad and funky. The flip kicks of with the relentless electro of Noise Dynamo before taking the foot of the gasspedal with two fantastic leftfield/electronica tunes in the form of Abyss Requiem and Lucarne. A perfect closing.~~~~We hope you enjoy Ozkaís diptych as much as we enjoyed releasing it into the world.

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