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OXIA - HARMONIE (infine)
12" Belgium
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OXIA (infine)

VÖ-Datum: 29.03.2012

Musikstil: Electro House

Artikelnummer: 1767344 / IF2039


Almost eight years after the release of “24 Heures” (released by Goodlife), Oxia, a pioneer of the French electronic scene, is back in 2012 at last with a new LP. Perfectionist par excellence, Olivier Raymond is well known for his rare but highly appreciated productions. His EPS, as well as his remixes, released at the end of the noughties on Kompakt, Tsuba or 8bit have made him one of the key producers of the Beatport generation, reaching its climax with the international commercial success of “Domino” in 2006 or “Whole Life” in 2010.

For his new album, Oxia decided to put aside the trendy electronic patterns and to move back to more classic but no less enjoyable House Music. With this said, the album is not shy of a deep and melodic sound that ventures to the dancefloor with a stamp of the Oxia groove. Released on vinyl only in March 2012, this EP offers two delightful foretastes for his forthcoming album.

InFiné could not dream of any better track to celebrate this new addition to the label´s roster than with “Harmonie”. Oxia never sounded so classy and so emotional – two major features of the label´s trademark. On the flipside, “Flying over Time” is an obvious wink to Chicago`s heydays. Deep in its purest form!

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Flying Over Time

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