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Norm Tally - Travlin EP (landed records)
Norm Tally - Travlin EP
Norm Tally - Travlin EP
Norm Tally - Travlin EP
12" U.K.
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Travlin EP

Norm Tally (landed records)

VÖ-Datum: 12.06.2012

Musikstil: Deep House

Artikelnummer: 1784496 / LANDEDREC0056

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We are truly honoured to welcome to the Landed imprint
one of the originators and true players of the Detroit House
music scene, Norm Talley. Known as the 'Silent Warrior Of
The Deep', Norm Talley is undoubtedly one of Detroit's
best-loved artists. One of the original members of the West
6 Mile Detroit crew, which was born out of the last days of
Disco, Norm's 25-plus year career has built steadily to earn
him his well-deserved ranking as one of the world's most
respected DJs.

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