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MASOMENOS / TOBI NEUMANN - THE SNAKE (freshly repressed) (wtm)
MASOMENOS / TOBI NEUMANN - THE SNAKE (freshly repressed)
MASOMENOS / TOBI NEUMANN - THE SNAKE (freshly repressed)
MASOMENOS / TOBI NEUMANN - THE SNAKE (freshly repressed)
12" France
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THE SNAKE (freshly repressed)


VÖ-Datum: 10.09.2013

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1813161 / WTM032

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The music on Welcome To Masomenos has always favoured the mystical area in between house and techno, where prominent grooves meet with aural adventure, free of the restrictions and expectations that specific genres place on an artist. ~~~~Tobi Neumann is also a shining example of this ethos, with a long and celebrated career remixing and producing for other artists such as Chicks on Speed and Miss Kittin, and DJing the world over with a curious style that embraces the power and imagination of techno with the immediacy and pleasure of house. After his first journey into our colourful world collaborating with Adrien on WTM023, Tobi has returned to us to share his beloved modular synths, which form the basis of two tracks, “Domino” and “Peter’s Juice”. ~~~~After three separate recording sessions capturing countless sketches, jams and accidents on the machines that inhabit Tobi’s studio, Adrien returned to Paris and crafted these warm and strange expressions of synthesised sound into the tracks that form the first half of this EP. “Dominos” celebrates a dubby demeanour, revolving around a central chord that shapeshifts as the track progresses while a menacing bass note stalks underneath. It’s a perfect exercise in restraint and hypnosis through psychedelic means. “Peter’s Juice” is more instantly immersed in all things sci-fi as arpeggios fire out a robotic scale of notes and the drums duck and dive playfully around a broken template. It’s nostalgic music rooted in the future, at once transporting you backwards and forwards in time. ~~~~On the B side, Adrien is left to his own devices, and finds himself in a thoroughly deep mood on “Station S”, driven by a seductive bassline and a gentle house tick while a bed of subtle tones and melodies hums in the background. The mood remains restrained on “Rodeo Drive” as a rich tapestry of pads and keys unfurl themselves around your head, leaving just the scattered bongos and a prominent kick to pull you along through a submerged~~

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