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Lido - Everything (Because Music)
Lido - Everything
Lido - Everything
Lido - Everything
2 x LP France
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Lido (Because Music)

VÖ-Datum: 18.09.2017

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1953112 / BEC5543069

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For someone who went from growing up in a secluded Norwegian forest to producing for some of the biggest hip-hop and pop megastars on the planet, Peder Losnegård has had quite the journey.~~~~~~~~It was through a series of remixes that Lido catapulted into the sets of the most high-profile DJs around the globe, capturing the ears of numerous notable tastemakers. Reworking acts like Disclosure and Bill Withers, the producer set the Internet ablaze with talk of his four-note piano tag and speculation as to who was underneath the moniker. While his playful, restless musicality saw him adopt an array of aliases but he'll keep those under wraps for now.~~~~Debuting on Pelican Fly with 2014's 'I Love You' EP, followed by the 'Superspeed' EP, and remixes of Banks, Alt-J and MØ, Lido's anti-formulaic style emerged. His tracks bounce from one idea to another voraciously, but always with that clear Lido stamp. You don't just get a drum and a bassline on a track of his; you're more likely to get an entire string or brass section that elevates his sound to cinematic heights.

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