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lauer - delta nrg (permanent vacation)
lauer - delta nrg
lauer - delta nrg
lauer - delta nrg
12" Germany
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delta nrg

lauer (permanent vacation)

Release date: 26.04.2010

Music Style: Disco / Cosmic

Article No.: 1647959 / permvac057-1

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Phillip Lauer is a Frankfurt-based producer, musician and DJ and a name to be remembered. Growing up with a strict musical diet of hip hop and punk rock, Phillip soon also discovered the amenities of electronic music, sparked
by releases of the label Ladomat and the legendary club Robert Johnson (where Phillip runs his own Brontosaurus label night).
In the late 90s, after hiring himself out as a bassist and drummer for several bands, Phillip started to produce his own tracks, all of which already bore Phillip's special imprint and were released on labels such as Real Soon,
Separe Recordings or Punkt Music. In 2004, Phillip together with his friend and colleague Chris Beißwenger founded the ARTO MWAMBE project, followed by his own label BRONTOSAURUS a little later. Both Arto Mwambe's
and Phillip's own productions stand for a special and rough approach to House Music. Aside from the rather rare in-house productions, Philip manly crafted remixes in varying teams for labels such as a Rekids, Tiny Sticks, XL
Recordings, Output Recordings, Sonar Kollektiv, Under The Shade...!
Now, Permanent Vacation will release an out of stock pearl of the Brontosaurus Catalogue. Delta NRG is a unique piano house/disco hybrid and, ever since its release, is considered to be a sort of secret weapon for DJs. Delta
NRG is also accompanied by a beautiful MOCK&TOOF remix, who just finished their excellent first album, and an exclusive new track from Phillip in a high NRG machine gun stylee. So you better run for cover motherf$$$er
01 Delta NRG - Original
02 MTX9 SD Beta
03 Delta NRG - Mock & Toof Remix

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