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Kyle Geiger - Scream (Cubera Records)
Kyle Geiger - Scream
Kyle Geiger - Scream
Kyle Geiger - Scream
12" U.S.A.
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Kyle Geiger (Cubera Records)

VÖ-Datum: 30.07.2012

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1785485 / CUBERA003


Kyle Geiger brings you his third installment on his imprint Cubera in a quest to bridge some crucial gaps between house and techno constituents. This time, taking it a little deeper with the use of vocal work from vocalist Stefanie Jansen for the title track Scream, weaving her voice in and out of a strong synth and percussion work out. In the second mix of the A-side, Truncate lends his tough, stripped style for his remix of "Scream," providing a welcome contrast to the original.. On the other side, "Underneath" adjusts the EP's "sweat" dial to 11 with its shit-losing, raw synth hook. The fact that this track even has a sweat dial that goes up to 11 should communicate something really special. The final track Step brings more of an stabby, yet scaled back afterhours vibe to round things out, while still carrying enough critical mass to make things a little messy.

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