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Kurt Baggaley - Remembering Infinity EP (Something Happening Somewhere)
Kurt Baggaley - Remembering Infinity EP
Kurt Baggaley - Remembering Infinity EP
Kurt Baggaley - Remembering Infinity EP
12" Germany
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Remembering Infinity EP

Kurt Baggaley (Something Happening Somewhere)

VÖ-Datum: 04.12.2017

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1955063 / SOHASO015

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Kurt Baggaley is back on Something Happening Somewhere with his trademark drawn out manifestations and trance inducing melodies. Remembering Infinity is an 8-minute ode to the limitless, waves of arpeggiated notes and subtle pads wash you away with an endless display of dazzling forms. Trading off your mentally accepted shape and exchanging it with that within us that is unbounded. On the same side we find Mattheis taking this sonic meditation to the club environment, channeling the blissful experience to our inner dancer. Stretching, bending and condensing the sonic tapestry.~~On the B-side Kurt Baggaley shows a different side with electro slow burner ‘Under It’s Watchful Eye’. Packing a more sinister vibe while peaking inside our Orwellian society, it slowly unveils a more mature reflection. Completing the story is Awanto3, reworking the digital only ‘Detect’ into a house injected vibey piece. Think scrungy vocoders, rumbling drum computers and walking bass lines.

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