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kitkaliitto - swamp (kann)
kitkaliitto - swamp
kitkaliitto - swamp
kitkaliitto - swamp
12" Germany
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kitkaliitto (kann)

Release date: 25.09.2009

Music Style: Tech-House

Article No.: 1622992 / KANN04

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Let’s give Kitkaliitto a warm welcome! Instantly impressed by these guy’s music we were - quite unique and not easy to classify. So this is their debut EP - coming straight from Helsinki with love, three tracks and a remix. You can hear influences and samples from deep movie scores, Downtempo, House, even Big Beat always escorted by some factor for self destruction. The remix of Moravia by Sevensol & Bender shoves a rough House skeleton under Tom Pavla’s fantastic trumpet - simple, raw and beautiful.

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