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KInk - Cloud Generator (running back)
KInk - Cloud Generator
KInk - Cloud Generator
KInk - Cloud Generator
12" Germany
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Cloud Generator

KInk (running back)

VÖ-Datum: 16.04.2015

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1902143 / RB054

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The music Strahil Velchev alias KiNK creates for the 12-inch format is as playful and fanciful as it is functional and precise. His first outing for Running Back is no exception. Inspired by the hardware of the same name, his 'Cloud Generator EP' makes the most use of that. Computer nerd symphonies and cyberpunk melodies for clubs, roofless raves and virtual racing games. Wilhelm Reich and William Gibson would enjoy this. Oh, and there is a breakbeat mix on here as well.

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