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Kindimmer - Jack It! (Ray Okpara Rmx) (diaphan)
Kindimmer - Jack It! (Ray Okpara Rmx)
Kindimmer - Jack It! (Ray Okpara Rmx)
Kindimmer - Jack It! (Ray Okpara Rmx)
12" Germany
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Jack It! (Ray Okpara Rmx)

Kindimmer (diaphan)

Release date: 13.07.2012

Music Style: Tech-House

Article No.: 1790340 / DIPH0086

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I am not here to represent Kindimmer; his records
speak louder than my words ever could. I am here for
all those that don’t have the chance to dance right
now: mothers, fathers, readers, workers – at least
three hundred people who want to dance but trapped
at work or in traffic or somewhere else. We are on a
mission, gentlemen. We must send the entire
Diaphan deep vibes to aid our king in the preservation
of not just ourselves, but of our dancefloors. Send
Kindimmer for the slow and dark house rhythms.
Send Ray Okpara for the crazy drifting house beats.
Send “Jack it” for a reason. But most importantly,
send our artists for memorable moments on the
dancefloor - that their passion bonds us together, that
we party harder to their records, and that your waving
motherfuckin’ finger in the air reflect their bravery.

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