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Jorge Takei - The Lyon (Kolorit Records)
Jorge Takei - The Lyon
Jorge Takei - The Lyon
Jorge Takei - The Lyon
12" Germany Excl.
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The Lyon

Jorge Takei (Kolorit Records)

Release date: 14.05.2012

Music Style: Tech-House

Article No.: 1749560 / DADKOLORIT012

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played and supported by the likes of Kris Wadsworth, Brodinski, DJ T, Round Table Knights, Marvin Zeyss, Tom Budden, Kruse & Nurnberg, Alex Kennon, Hackman, Mozaic, Kolombo, Adriatique, untitledmusic, Nick Holder, UGLH, Jesus Pablo, Homebase, Dean Newton, T.Williams, Szer Uysal, Daniel Sanchez, Steve Murrell, Nico Lahs & others!

Finally on 12'' by public demand! The Lyon - a super emotional, driving track is carried by a warm synthline and a heavy bass, that will make you dance and feel your melancholy - at the same time. The release is rounded by two very different remixes by Atapy and creek, who both brought their own approach onto the deep sought feelings, transforming the track in their very own way.

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