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Jorge C. - Sueno Viejo (dopeness galore)
Jorge C. - Sueno Viejo
Jorge C. - Sueno Viejo
Jorge C. - Sueno Viejo
12" Belgium
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Sueno Viejo

Jorge C. (dopeness galore)

Release date: 02.11.2017

Music Style: House

Article No.: 1954377 / DG18001

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Moody repetitions with a Chilean background. TIP!~~Feeling a strong connection with the minimal house emerging in the 90's from Detroit and with his roots up in Santiago de Chile, it is after releases on Matrix Recordings', Deepartsounds' and his own record label Ojodeapolo.cl' time for Jorge C. to release his sounds on Dopeness Galore.~~~~The distinctive rhythm and sound slowly presents an Old Dream (Sueño Viejo) to one another.~~~~An Old Dream for people loving house king's like Rick Wade, Hieroglyphic Being & DJ Sprinkles but also the French Cassius. Open up to Jorge C. - Sueño Viejo'

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