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james mason - nightgruv (Back in!) (rush hour)
james mason - nightgruv (Back in!)
james mason - nightgruv (Back in!)
james mason - nightgruv (Back in!)
12" Belgium
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nightgruv (Back in!)

james mason (rush hour)

Release date: 15.07.2015

Music Style: House

Article No.: 1748138 / rh-rss3

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Proto-house classic 'Nightgruv' gets a re-release and includes a longer unreleased edit!

James Mason is mostly known for his late 70's album 'Rhythm Of Life', which is a soul-jazz classic. Soon after music trends shifted to (electronic) disco and James' music became out of fashion, leaving 'Rhythm Of Life' to be the only album he released to date. The early early 80s saw him have a few studio sessions from which more electronic output like Wuf Ticket's 'The Key (Prelude Records) resulted. James also produced various disco acts like Disco 3, Earl Flint and Brenda Bayton.

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